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Olympia Sports Products - Flag Football

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3-Flag Rip Flag Football

Our Price: $ 99.00 - set of 12
Quick release one piece three-flag belt.
 High strength polyester belts .
Exclusive quick release buckle allows faster, easier waist size adjustment and snaps apart at 4 pound pull.
Meets official standards for intercollegiate flag football rules.
Color coded belt sizes. One piece - no loose flags to lose.
Made in USA.

Sonic Flag-A-Tag

Our Price: $ 129.00 - set of 12
Put more excitement into your flag football programs.
Flag"A"Tag with the "sonic" release brings a new dimension to the game.
Extra durable belts are all plastic with no metal parts.
Keeper holds surplus belt end and attaches to belt without threading.
Flags cannot be swept off during play.
Socket releases flag only when flag is pulled.
Nylon flags are tear-proof and color-coded to identify teams.
Socket angles away from belt and allows flag to hang away from
clothing as players move.
Triple Threat Flag Football Belt

Our Price: $ 8.30
3 flags permanently sewn onto the web belt.
Entire belt comes off - no parts to lose!
Belt is washable.
Vinyl coated polyester will not tear.
Polyethylene clip will not break. 
Adjustable sides for sizing.
Economy Flag Football Set

Our Price: $ 33.00 - set of 12
Two vinyl coated nylon "pull off" flags with adjustable web belt
so one size fits all.
Economy Replacement Flags

Our Price: $ 21.00 -set of 12 Pair
Vinyl coated nylon "pull off" flags.
Sonic Flag-A-Tag Program Kit

Our Price: $ 195.00
Includes 24 Flag"A"Tag belts with flags, two storage rings and
1 flag football rule book.
Please choose 2 colors: red, gold, royal, kelly and white.
Select from either 42" or 52" belts.
Belt Size
First Flag Color
Second Flag Color
Loop Pull-Off Belts

Our Price: $ 39.00 - set of 6
Each belt contains three permanently attached loops that hang away from the belt in a constantly maintained "U" shape.
Loop Flagz" provide a constant target for eyes to track and hands to clutch .  Loops are double -stitched no-tear, no-rip webbing that will last years longer than flags.
Front "quick-release" buckle detaches belt when loops are pulled.
Flag Football Pack

Our Price: $ 179.00
Includes the 47 pieces listed below:
 2 dz. - Belts w/ Red Flags
2 dz. - Belts w/ Yellow Flags
1 ea. - Intermediate Size Football
 1 ea. - Junior Size Football
 2 ea. - Coated Foam Footballs
 18 ea. - 9" Orange Cones
1 ea. - Carry Storage Bag
NOTE: Ball graphics/name may vary.

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