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Porter Deluxe Basketball Goal

Our Price: $ 139.00
Front mount. 5/8" goal & net. official size 18" diameter ring 5/8" round steel bar in orange enamel. 48-thread net, hour-glass style, 12 spiral net holders welded to underside of ring. Ring has "V" type steel offset braces. hole spacing 4" x 3".

Porter Super Basketball Goal

Our Price: $ 179.00
High-Quality Institutional Goal. Rugged steel back plate and 1\/2" dia. reinforcing braces. Electrostatic painted. Comes with high-quality nylon net, slotted to fit either 4" x 3" or 5" x 5" mounting.

Heads-Up Dribble Aid

Our Price: $ 9.60
Fits close to the face for comfortable fit and blocks all downward vision from the basketball. Teaches you to look down the court without looking at the ball while dribbling. Helps develop fundamental skills of ball handling and will increase each player&'s court awareness. Will not interfere in shooting the basketball.

Dribble Gloves

Our Price: $ 39.00
Tough flexible naugahyde glove helps create proper dribbling _x001c_touch _x001c_ by forcing the player to handle ball
with fingers rather than palm. Velcro_ fasteners.

Round Post with Backboard

Our Price: $ 1,299.00
Olympia Sports BB333D 3 ft. Offset Round Post with Backboard
Rugged 3-1\/2 in. O.D. galvanized steel upright with 3&' extension Fan-shaped aluminum backboard - 36" x 54" " Backboard is powder coated white. " Single ring goal with nylon net included. " Backboard and goal are directly mounted to the upright for exceptional strength. "

Post Pads

Our Price: $ 129.00 - $ 189.00
Just lace it on the front of any gym post or football goal post.
Covered with nylon-reinforced vinyl filled with polyurethane foam. Complete with lace.
Metal grommets prevent tearing.

Jump Soles

Our Price: $ 179.90
Versatile high-density rubber platforms work to stretch and strengthen the Achilles tendon and calf muscles. Developing muscle resiliency in the area is vital to explosive leg power. Jump Soles will blast your lower legs like nothing else you ve ever tried. After training with Jump Soles

Jump and Reach Board

Our Price: $ 53.50
This Velcro jump & reach board allows you to easily measure the abilities of your students & increase competition between them.
Mounted to your wall, participant jumps as high as they can & attach Velcro peg to Velcro covered plastic board.
Graduations are silk screened in 1" increments with 1/2" increments indicated in dotted lines.
Comes with 4 stick on pegs.
12"W x 36"L.

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